Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How 'bout some Hermit crabs?

Well, little Tay got his first hermit crab, he is sooooooooo fascinated by them, so we found him a little baby one of his own at the pet store! The girls are constantly taking pics of them, so thought I would share Shelly, Bagel, Hermietrab, Dusty, Big Sheldon, Little Sheldon, Crystal, Shellina, Sandy, Cheery, Muffin, Hershey's, and Bob!

Just some new pics!

Just some new pics of the kiddos being super cute, as usual!

Happy Birthday baby Boo!!!

These pics are also a bit crappy, I dont know what was up with my camera, but I think I now have the problem fixed... the girls play with my camera a little more often than I would like, and some buttons were pushed, but oh well, such is life! He is such a precious guy, he took his piece of first birthday cake and picked it up and gave it a nice big hug! We had soooo much fun, I cant believe how fast this year has gone by!!!!

Okay, a couple more from the fair....

Some more pics from the fair and then I will download some from Kader's birthday party, I love that little guy so much! Can you believe with that God Awful pregnancy I had that I just may pop out one more???? Shall I see if I can make a 10 lb baby? Hmmm..... What in the world is WRONG with me!!! :D But Damon and I had the talk about kids, and by the time poor Kaders will be in KINDERGARTEN, Kimberly will be a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL, and Kennedy will be in SEVENTH GRADE!!!! So it got our wheels turning... we will see if it is in our cards?!?!?! I thought everyone would like to see my lilly white legs too, so hence that first picture.... The next one is of Diesel our Rottie, he is about 7 months in that picture, trying to cram his big body in a little lawn chair, he is a great dog! Then Kimmers and Dozer, that was the night before riding classes, and there is a pic of Kimberly's big fat old New Zealand rabbit, she is 7 years old and took Grand Champion Doe in the 4-H Junior division! Woo hoo Kimmers!!!

Okay, some more pics!!!

More pics from the fair, the first page was from the halter class, pleasure riding class day, so these are from the fun day. Sooooo cute! I am just so proud of my babies!

Well.... I am updating everyone!!!

I will start off with the county fair, which the girls did great at, they had sooooo much fun! Kimmers got to try out her new horse Apollo, and he won her a grand champion in Halter classes, she was sure nervous with him being a full sized horse, and Kenners tore up all her classes and got a load of trophies with good ol' Diablo! Still going at 32! The pics didnt turn out the best, seems like a lot of them have quite a glare... :( Kind of disappointing, yet, cute none the less!!! More posts to come!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pics of little Tay's big boy haircut!!!

We just couldnt believe how blond his hair got! He looks so grown up now, no baby hair! The girls are really enjoying him cruising around the house, they get just as excited as I do when he takes his steps, he claps all the time now, he gets so excited when he walks that he gets all worked up, starts clapping and falls.... Apollo should be arriving hopefully this weekend so Kimmers can work with him before the fair, she is sooooo worried about that.... Anyway, I am going to try and keep up now with some more pictures, I know, I say that every time I post... :D